Kỳ Anh

Kỳ Anh (1968-    ) also known as Thiệu Kỳ Anh, is an overseas Vietnamese singer.

He was born as Bùi Thiệu Kỳ Anh to Roman Catholic parents of Northern Vietnamese origin in Saigon, where he lived with his family until the age of 22.  In 1990, Kỳ Anh and his family resettled in the United States.  Two years later, he entered and won the talent competition known as Tuyển Lựa Ca Sĩ Hải Ngọai held at the Ritz Nightclub in Anaheim, California.  As part of his prize winning, Kỳ Anh was given a contract as a weekly performer at the presitgious nightclub.  In 1993, Kỳ Anh scored a major hit with the recording of what has become known as his signature song, Trở Về Cát Bụi.  The popularity of the song through his recording gave the misconception to many of Kỳ Anh’s fans that he had been written the song, himself, when in fact, Trở Về Cát Bụi was a song he had heard sung by a homeless street performer back in Ho Chi Minh City sometime during the 1980s.  The song had touched Kỳ Anh so deeply that he was determined to record it on his debut studio solo album.  For the remainder of the 1990s, Kỳ Anh continued to dish out more studio albums, including duets with various singers such as Ngọc Huệ, Khả Tú and La Sương Sương and performed at live shows for Vietnamese audiences throughout the United States and Canada.

At the turn of the century, Kỳ Anh decided to leave behind his music career.  He left his long-time residence in Orange County, California and moved to Northern California resettling in the Bay Area.  From early on, Kỳ Anh had always possessed a business mind as he had become the owner of several successful businesses such as Cafe Điện Ảnh and Bà Chiểu Food-to-Go while simultaneously maintaining his career in music.  With a series of unfortunate incidents in his personal life including the passing of his father in 2000, Kỳ Anh then decided to take a lengthy hiatus from the music industry and concentrated more on his business ventures. 

Finally in 2007, after nearly 7 years spent away from the spotlight, Kỳ Anh resurfaced with a new studio album, Khi Con Tim Biết Yêu, in which he had recorded together with singer Như Quỳnh and released under his own production label, Thiệu Kỳ Anh Productions.  His return to the music industry, however, would only be brief as Kỳ Anh once again decided to step away from the spotlight the following year and has yet to come out of hiatus since then.