Ngoc Hue

Ngọc Huệ (1968-    ) is a famous overseas Vietnamese singer.

From early on, Ngọc Huệ had taken a keen interest in performing arts.  While growing up in Saigon, she had already studied ballet and acting prior to reaching her teenage years.  From 1977 until 1979, Ngọc Huệ had taken voice lessons at Quốc Gia Âm Nhạc, University of Ho Chi Minh City, School of Fine Arts.  In 1981, she resettled in Sydney, Australia.  While in Australia, Ngọc Huệ began her career as a professional overseas Vietnamese singer.  In 1990, Ngọc Huệ resettled in the United States and began recording for such labels like New Castle EntertainmentDiễm Xưa, Hải Âu, Tektronic, Mai Productions and Thúy Nga.   In just one year, she was voted by Hồn Việt Magazine as “Giọng Ca Mới Của Năm 90” (New Singer of the Year in 1990).  She even formed her own production label called Fame Productions in the 1990s.  Ngọc Huệ has recorded duet albums with Anh TúKỳ AnhDon Hồ and Nhật Trường.

In 1992, Ngọc Huệ made her debut appearance on Thúy Nga’s Paris By Night video series on volume 16 with a solo performance of Prisoner (written by Alan Nguyễn) along with a duet performance with Don Hồ of the song, Hạnh Phúc Trong Tim.  Throughout the 1990s, Ngọc Huệ was invited back on the Paris By Night video series on several occasions performing in duets with Don Hồ and Thái Tài.  Her last appearance to date on the series was on volume 55 in 2000 with a solo performance of the song, Thu Vàng Trên Lói (written by Khúc Lan). 

Ngọc Huệ has performed live in concerts for Vietnamese audiences all over the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe including Russia and Vietnam. 


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